Create active talk with your customers

29 03 2010

If you use Google Analytics or similar product, you already know pretty much about people who is visiting your website. This is valuable information. But it is always history. How about knowing your customers while they are on your site at the moment? Do you know them and is there possibility to offer yours service while they are visiting your site?

You might have your telephone number on your site, web form or email- address, where your customers can contact you. These are good  but do you really want to talk with your customers while they are on your site.

If you do, I represent Lekane, Finnish IT provider, who has a tool, which helps you to increase your sales.

With their service you get alarms every time to your mobile phone, when potential customer is on your site. If customer leaves you telephone number, you can call him immediately, not one day later.

Live this moment and sell this moment!!

Hear more by contacting me.

Antti Larvala – +32 49 440 82 92


Do you have a active web site?

4 03 2010

I would like to know how you turn your sales leads from online sites to real buying orders. Do you get questions from email from your page or how your new potential customers are contacting you?

I have a solution where static web page can be turned in to active sales channel.

Web page is static

Most of the web pages are static. They contain a lot of information and companies spend a lot of time designing how to attract new customers to their sites with online optimization. They also spend time to analyze who has visited on their site and what they have been looking for. But when it comes to contacting company regarding certain product or service, there are only online forms, email addresses or telephone numbers where to contact. Based on many studies, only 5 – 10 % of potential customers use these forms.

Turn your web page to active sales side

Lekane Oy is providing online tool where a company can watch real time, who is online, what they do and automatically launch alerts when certain potential customer has spend so much time that it is expected that he wants to know more information about certain product or service. Then this particular customer gets separate contact box containing information that sales representative is available and ready to talk with this customer, if he leaves telephone number. When customer leaves his telephone number, this sales representative calls in few seconds to this potential customer.

Benefits for you

Instead of missing potential sales opportunities, you can turn every potential browsing customer to be your real customer.

When creating new service or upgrading your current solution, ask me how we can turn your web store to be real active store.


Antti Larvala – +32 49 440 82 92- + 358 50 43 433 43

Ps. I will start to use this similar product and ready to demonstrate how you can turn your potential online customers to be real customers.