No more fairytales!

20 10 2009

mrprincecharmingOnly in the fairytales, Mr. Prince Charming comes and saves you day.

But in reality, you have to work every day to make your dreams come true.

CAL360 Degrees Sprl is to help your company to find new markets in Nordic (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland) countries.

We offer solutions beyond basic consulting companies.

With our help, you get:

  • Online shop platform
  • Online Search Optimization tools
  • Local online payment options
  • Local bank accounts and solutions to manage your accounts
  • Localization services
  • Customer service in Nordic languages
  • Marketing in local languages

If something is missing, you just ask and we create.

Let us be your help to increase your sales to Northern Europe.

Contact: or +32 494 40 82 92