Who is driving your car on a new Road of SEPA

23 11 2009

As some of the companies have already noticed, there is only 13 months time frame and most of the European cash management systems will start to use new Single European Payment system. If you don’t do anything, every money, which you send out as a Euro or receive as a Euro, will be stopped. First day in January 2011 you can use cash, but how efficient you will be?

Your account system has to be ready to accept IBAN codes and BIC’s? So what this means in practice? It is not only technical project, it has several new aspects for you business management. How automated are you systems, do you have most of your client account information restored in your Ledger system, how do you check which accounts are still valid, what kind of systems your bank prefers, what is timetable with your biggest clients to be SEPA compliant. Or how do you pay your salaries to employees. Do you still have several financial departments around Europe?

There are several things what you will notice when you are looking for SEPA consultants. All the SEPA consultants will be busy and their price tag will be hefty. But only half of the consultants have a knowledge what to do.

Before you start your project, talk with me and I will give you advice what you should do.

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