Happy customers

Have you ever noticed what happens to your queries, when you send it from Internet. How many times you get fast response? It is usual case, when at least 60 % of customer queries are lost in the data hell. Same time management of those companies are not even aware of this phenomena.

There are solutions to help this problem. If customer sends a notice from Internet to your company, all the available sellers get same information to their own devices they work with. The fastest taps this query and all the others get same information. Also management gets same information. But most importantly customer gets also information that he will receive a phone call from real and live person. This way your company

isn’t selling when you are ready, but selling when you customer is ready to make purchasing decision.

There are also other ways, how your company can make your customers happy. To find out more, call me or write, and I tell you solutions.

antti.larvala@cal360d.com or + 32 49 440 82 92


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