Mobile phones, barcode readers and e-invoices

5 09 2011

During summer I was toying around idea how mobile payments could be combined with barcode readers. Some of my friends have with their iPhone online banking app. They can scan new paper payments with camera and barcode. When scanning picture they upload document info to banking app and pay. It seems to work fine with them.

For this idea, I started to make idea, where one phone app could generate barcodes, send message to email-address or as sms to phone. Receiving party would get message, open his app and read barcode. This message would be then read by own banking app on phone and payment would be executed by phone.

Only it requires one app which generates barcodes including my own bank info and other payment info. This app could be on phone or stand alone service online. Other app, even inside mobile banking, then would read this message and execute payment. If I would not like to pay with my phone, I could read same codes from my PC using my online bank.

This kind of idea would help SME’s to send e-invoices straight to bank customers. Even micropayment could be managed same way.

How do you see this idea?

With pictures it would go like this.


Do you want to innovate?

13 10 2009

I will start new project, where I discuss every week with companies about service or product innovation. I will use Skype- conferencing tool. In this 30 minute session every week, we share ideas and create new business models or innovations. First sessions will be in Finnish, but I would like to start also another meeting for international customers.

For this project, I would like to ask if you or your company wants to share ideas and create new ideas for your business. During these sessions I can tell my ideas and you can share yours. Somewhere on the line there will be fresh ideas for everyone.

If you are interested in to join, drop me a line and I will schedule a meeting where we all can meet. Only demand is that you have Skype.

First sessions starts in about three weeks time.


Antti Larvala or skype/oskikarhu

New World is here!

24 09 2009

Have you noticed, the world is changing. The customer loyalty and behavior is changing. There are no free lunches anymore. This might be a scary thing, but it can be also opportunity for YOU.

If you want to have your company running for the next year, there are some little things you have to change. Big questions are;

  • How you can make sure that you keep your customers?
  • How do you know or even predict what your customers are talking about you?
  • How you can sell more, but still keep cost down?
  • What are the options, when my customers want to innovate with me?
  • What to do when new technology is coming and consultants speak Jiddish, or at least it sounds like it to you?

There are affordable solutions on the market, but selecting the right ones can be hard. For this reason, I can offer my helping hand explain and guide you to make right decisions.