Business intelligence

Do you ever wonder what your customers are really thinking about you or your line of business? In the old days, it was easy. Markets were smaller, you knew all of your customers and when something bad happened, your local town people told you about those rumors or you read it from local newspaper.

In the world we are living in today, information is not anymore tied to newspapers and few television channels. It is on internet and you or any editor can’t control it.

This is the reason why, we can can help your business to see outside of the box (old expression, if you may) and dig information for you. There are several ways tools and methods to how you can see

  • what your customers are talking about on internet, not only formal forums, but on blogs, Twitter and chat rooms
  • analyze that information and tell it to you in  language you understand
  • what your customers are talking about your rival companies
  • advice you to take correct steps.

This means that you can turn negative feedback to positive results! Or booster more positive communication!

Call or write me and I will tell you the ways how you can really understand your customers. or +32 49 440 82 92


One response

7 01 2011
Khurram Abbas

Dear Mr. Larvala,

I’m a young entrepreneur and would like to boost my product’s promotional sale. Please endow me your valuable advice.


Khurram Abbas
+92 333 378 7033

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