If your customer has a question?

25 11 2009

Every company gets questions from their customers, right? Some questions are easy to answer and some not. For customers point of view, every question is important or not a question itself but answer. If I am pondering what kind of car I would like to buy and I have a question for car retailer that does this car for example have MP3 outlet, that question might be the biggest reason why I choose one car over another.

But when I interviewed car retail sellers, they thought that technical data of the car was a trigger why they would response to customers. All of those second class questions like in which color this car comes are secondary to them. At least when it is asked from sales clercks.

Based on several studies, number on reason why one car sales clerk sells more than his fellow buddies is fast response time. Same applies to vacations, houses, loans etc. You name it.

To help your company to sell more, contact me and I will not only tell technical solutions how you can respond faster, but tell some hints from other companies how they do.

Call +32 494 40 82 92 or antti.larvala@cal360d.com







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