Mobile phones, barcode readers and e-invoices

5 09 2011

During summer I was toying around idea how mobile payments could be combined with barcode readers. Some of my friends have with their iPhone online banking app. They can scan new paper payments with camera and barcode. When scanning picture they upload document info to banking app and pay. It seems to work fine with them.

For this idea, I started to make idea, where one phone app could generate barcodes, send message to email-address or as sms to phone. Receiving party would get message, open his app and read barcode. This message would be then read by own banking app on phone and payment would be executed by phone.

Only it requires one app which generates barcodes including my own bank info and other payment info. This app could be on phone or stand alone service online. Other app, even inside mobile banking, then would read this message and execute payment. If I would not like to pay with my phone, I could read same codes from my PC using my online bank.

This kind of idea would help SME’s to send e-invoices straight to bank customers. Even micropayment could be managed same way.

How do you see this idea?

With pictures it would go like this.


Create active talk with your customers

29 03 2010

If you use Google Analytics or similar product, you already know pretty much about people who is visiting your website. This is valuable information. But it is always history. How about knowing your customers while they are on your site at the moment? Do you know them and is there possibility to offer yours service while they are visiting your site?

You might have your telephone number on your site, web form or email- address, where your customers can contact you. These are good  but do you really want to talk with your customers while they are on your site.

If you do, I represent Lekane, Finnish IT provider, who has a tool, which helps you to increase your sales.

With their service you get alarms every time to your mobile phone, when potential customer is on your site. If customer leaves you telephone number, you can call him immediately, not one day later.

Live this moment and sell this moment!!

Hear more by contacting me.

Antti Larvala – +32 49 440 82 92

Do you have a active web site?

4 03 2010

I would like to know how you turn your sales leads from online sites to real buying orders. Do you get questions from email from your page or how your new potential customers are contacting you?

I have a solution where static web page can be turned in to active sales channel.

Web page is static

Most of the web pages are static. They contain a lot of information and companies spend a lot of time designing how to attract new customers to their sites with online optimization. They also spend time to analyze who has visited on their site and what they have been looking for. But when it comes to contacting company regarding certain product or service, there are only online forms, email addresses or telephone numbers where to contact. Based on many studies, only 5 – 10 % of potential customers use these forms.

Turn your web page to active sales side

Lekane Oy is providing online tool where a company can watch real time, who is online, what they do and automatically launch alerts when certain potential customer has spend so much time that it is expected that he wants to know more information about certain product or service. Then this particular customer gets separate contact box containing information that sales representative is available and ready to talk with this customer, if he leaves telephone number. When customer leaves his telephone number, this sales representative calls in few seconds to this potential customer.

Benefits for you

Instead of missing potential sales opportunities, you can turn every potential browsing customer to be your real customer.

When creating new service or upgrading your current solution, ask me how we can turn your web store to be real active store.


Antti Larvala – +32 49 440 82 92- + 358 50 43 433 43

Ps. I will start to use this similar product and ready to demonstrate how you can turn your potential online customers to be real customers.

If your customer has a question?

25 11 2009

Every company gets questions from their customers, right? Some questions are easy to answer and some not. For customers point of view, every question is important or not a question itself but answer. If I am pondering what kind of car I would like to buy and I have a question for car retailer that does this car for example have MP3 outlet, that question might be the biggest reason why I choose one car over another.

But when I interviewed car retail sellers, they thought that technical data of the car was a trigger why they would response to customers. All of those second class questions like in which color this car comes are secondary to them. At least when it is asked from sales clercks.

Based on several studies, number on reason why one car sales clerk sells more than his fellow buddies is fast response time. Same applies to vacations, houses, loans etc. You name it.

To help your company to sell more, contact me and I will not only tell technical solutions how you can respond faster, but tell some hints from other companies how they do.

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Who is driving your car on a new Road of SEPA

23 11 2009

As some of the companies have already noticed, there is only 13 months time frame and most of the European cash management systems will start to use new Single European Payment system. If you don’t do anything, every money, which you send out as a Euro or receive as a Euro, will be stopped. First day in January 2011 you can use cash, but how efficient you will be?

Your account system has to be ready to accept IBAN codes and BIC’s? So what this means in practice? It is not only technical project, it has several new aspects for you business management. How automated are you systems, do you have most of your client account information restored in your Ledger system, how do you check which accounts are still valid, what kind of systems your bank prefers, what is timetable with your biggest clients to be SEPA compliant. Or how do you pay your salaries to employees. Do you still have several financial departments around Europe?

There are several things what you will notice when you are looking for SEPA consultants. All the SEPA consultants will be busy and their price tag will be hefty. But only half of the consultants have a knowledge what to do.

Before you start your project, talk with me and I will give you advice what you should do.

More info on my SEPA services.


Antti Larvala

+32 494 40 82 92


How about new and fresh market?I

18 11 2009

Most of the companies, either online or offline are fighting with same customers. On my street there are 4 bars and 3 restaurants competing with same customers. This means that most of the nights they are empty or semi empty. Same rule goes for most of the businesses. If you are online, but only serving your local customers, there is and will be intense competition. Usually only companies who can afford reduced prices might win.

How about to expand your business to abroad? It might be scary thing. But not any more. I have solution for you.

Let’s say you run a online electronic shop. You already sell to abroad, but everything is in English or some other most common language. But you would like to serve your foreign customers in the language they use. For this reason I propose following deal:

  • I will set up your affiliate shop for dedicated Nordic countries
  • I will run your store
  • I will be responsible for all the marketing and administration cost for you
  • I will be responsible for all customer inquires
  • You will provide me  products to sell
  • We share profit

If you are interested in, let me know and plan together how with no or low investment you can get more customers.


Call me +32 494 40 82 92 or write



No more fairytales!

20 10 2009

mrprincecharmingOnly in the fairytales, Mr. Prince Charming comes and saves you day.

But in reality, you have to work every day to make your dreams come true.

CAL360 Degrees Sprl is to help your company to find new markets in Nordic (Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland) countries.

We offer solutions beyond basic consulting companies.

With our help, you get:

  • Online shop platform
  • Online Search Optimization tools
  • Local online payment options
  • Local bank accounts and solutions to manage your accounts
  • Localization services
  • Customer service in Nordic languages
  • Marketing in local languages

If something is missing, you just ask and we create.

Let us be your help to increase your sales to Northern Europe.

Contact: or +32 494 40 82 92